Drumlin House Training Centre

Drumlin House Training Centre was established in 1982 by a voluntary committee to provide a service for young people with intellectual disabilities to enhance their rights, opportunities and future aspirations, to achieve the highest level of participation possible in their work and their community, to empower them to gain control over their environment, make informed personal choices and achieve as many desired outcomes as possible.

Currently a service is provided for 29 school-leavers who receive Rehabilitative Training (RT) in independent living skills on our START programme; 25 RT graduates receive work skill training under the New Directions programme and 17 RT graduates attend Day Activation in our LINK group. Recreational activities are also an important part of the programme and everyone gets the opportunity to attend Physical Education and swimming sessions weekly.

Vision Statement

By providing training and work opportunities we will help people with intellectual disability understand their rights, discover their strengths, identify opportunities to progress and develop their skills

Mission Statement

In order to achieve this we will adopt policies and procedures necessary to: –

  • Establish and maintain facilities for people with ID
  • Create an ethos of empowerment, excellence, endeavor and equal opportunity
  • Design and implement supported transition and rehabilitative training based on individual needs
  • Employ and train suitable staff to deliver and support training programmers
  • Acknowledge and support individual’s right to be heard, express and achieve desires, and to be informed
  • Keep trainees and staff safe and protected from abuse