On a recent visit to Drumlin House, Lisa Marie Clinton of Avail was so impressed by Robert’s artistic flair in designing a dream house that she offered to advertise his talent.  See facebook post below or visit their page at www.facebook/availsupport/photos



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While working with a service provider this week, l met a young man, called Robert! He blew me away with his talent, and passion for art.
So much so,that l asked could l take a picture of his ongoing piece and share it with everyone!
The world needs to know about his incredible skill to draw buildings by hand, using only a pencil and ruler!!
When l had a chat with Robert, l asked does he do portraits (as l was going to put in an order), but he expressed that he likes to focus on buildings, both in colour or black and white.
So would you like a unique drawing of your house, company building, or special place??? Robert would love to create this for you and says he is ready to take orders!
Please share if you too believe his talents should be recognised!!